Pot Calling the Kettle Black

By know you have heard about all the ruckus that Donald Trump has brought to the Republican Party.  Most people believe that he will crash and burn sometime soon, but I don’t.  I think that if everyone continues to ignore him and does not question his policies that we might end up with him as the Republican nominee or Trump as an independent candidate.

04-17-2013bTrump likes to make outlandish statements, some of which are sexist, racist or downright nasty and inappropriate.  After each statement, the press and the Republican Party claim that this will be the remark that sinks Trump’s chances at running for President, but Trump always comes out unscathed.  Honestly, if claiming that John McCain was not a war hero didn’t bring Trump down I can’t imagine what controversial remark could.

Trump’s latest comment directed at Megyn Kelley, the FoxNews moderator of the Republican debate on August 6, is being played everywhere as the straw that broke the camels’ back.  He called Megyn ‘hormonal”.  Shocker! Yes, this is the word that everyone is using to describe the insult.

What Trump said on CNN on Friday Aug 7 was “She is a lightweight. I couldn’t care less about her. “You could see there was blood coming out of her eyes. Blood coming out of her wherever.”

When I first heard it, I didn’t get what obviously some others got when they heard it.  My mind does not automatically turn to menstruation and periods when I think of blood.    Maybe it should, but it doesn’t.  The human body, both male and female is full of blood. Women are more than child bearing machines with periods.  You cut yourself anywhere on your body, you bleed.

Maybe my mind didn’t go there was because Megyn was out for blood during the debate.  It was obvious to anyone watching that Megyn and Fox News were hitting Trump with gotcha questions.

My point here is not to defend Trump,  I think he’s an ass, but rather to point out something that has gone unnoticed.

What is sexist?

hump-day-humor-vintage-ad-woman-serving-man-vote-republicanThere is something inherently sexist about the way the media and the Republican Party are defining this “hormonal” remark as the ultimate attack on women.  This is the remark that brings Trump down?  Really?  Referring to menstruation and hormones is the most sexist thing one can say about women?  The criticism of Trump’s remark is sexist in and of itself.  Of all the comments against women over the past few years, the “blood coming out of wherever” comment doesn’t even come close to the worst, in that it should get this sort of response.

I am not necessarily offended that a man might have made an off handed comment about PMS.  I am not offended that the comment may or may not of had to do with periods or menstruation.


I am offended that the Republican Party Platform  is sexist, racist and homophobic most of the time.

I am offended that the Republican Party is against equal pay for women.

I am offended that the Republican Party is trying to block access to contraception.

I am offended that the Republican Party wants to de-fund Planned Parenthood which provides much needed health care such as cancer screenings and annual exams for women.

I am offended that the Republican Party is against abortion in cases of rape and incest.

I am outraged that the Republican Party is against abortion when the Mother’s life is at risk.  The Mother’s life is meaningless even when the fetus is not viable, even when the Mother is miscarrying.

I am offended that the Republican Party Pundits say incredibly ridiculous, outrageous, sexist remarks on a regular basis that pertain to women and their rights.  Here is a sampling with links:

Young women lack the wisdom to vote as conservatives– Greg Gutfield, Fox News

“Do You Want Your Government Run By People Whose Favorite Show Is Say Yes [To The Dress]?”– Tucker Carlson, Fox News

Young women shouldn’t be on juries or bother voting– Kimberly Guilfoyle, Fox News

Women should be at home with their husband and kids-Gavin McGinness on Hannity, Fox News

“When you look at biology — when you look at the natural world — the roles of a male and a female in society and in other animals, the male typically is the dominant role. The female, it’s not antithesis, or it’s not competing, it’s a complementary role,” adding that having females as the primary breadwinners in a family is “bad for kids and bad for marriage.”– Erick Ericson, with Megyn Kelley on FoxNews.

Women cannot get pregnant from legitimate rape– Todd Akin

Everything Rush Limbaugh says (see link for quotes)

 Those things offend me.  Those are the issues that are insulting, infuriating, and not deserving of  air time as legitimate ideas.  But they are out there, and have been for quite awhile



What is infuriating is that Trump is not alone in his sexism .  The entire Republican Party Platform  is sexist, racist and homophobic most of the time.  If you can stomach it, just try watching Fox News for an entire week and you will see.

Eric Ericson dis-invited Donald Trump from his Red State Gathering where most of the Republican Candidates were slated to speak due to Trumps comments about Megyn Kelley.  Eric Ericson?  Really?  He is one of the most sexist conservative pundits out there.  For reference see his quote I listed in the section above.

Pot-calling-the-kettle-black-734818The idea that Erick Ericson, one of the most sexist pundits t0 appear on Fox News can publicly censure anyone for being sexist, let alone Trump, is downright hypocritical.  Pot meet kettle. That most of the main stream news stations did not report on this hypocrisy when reporting that Trump was dis-invited to the Red State Gathering is disappointing to say the least. (CNN, MSNBC).  The only place you read about the hypocrisy is on the blogs.

I guess conservatives (and the mainstream TV networks) only think sexism has to do with comments about menstruation because it infers that a  woman is not barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen…which is where she belongs…right?  All other issues be damned!  They would never dream of pointing out any of the real sexist issues.

The Bully is now being Bullied

bullyFor over a decade, the conservative media along with the Republican Party have created an atmosphere of disrespect, name calling, misrepresentation and falsifying facts, along with outright lying.  It has been acceptable for years in the conservative political world, to say anything they want with disregard to how one says it.  They not only allowed it, but encouraged it.

Just look at all the vitriol thrown at President Obama and Hillary Clinton.  From the birthers to Bengazi, everything has been thrown at the wall to see what can stick.

Conservatives have bullied their way into office using scare tactics along with the disrespectful rhetoric.  They are used to playing the bully, mostly because the other main stream news outlets, except for the Daily Show, allowed them to.  But now….

Trump is the new bully in town.

Trump can say and do whatever he wants.  He can’t be bullied.  The conservative establishment hates that he can affect their hand chosen candidate from getting the nomination.  The tables have turned and in away it is fun to watch.  The bully is finally seeing what it’s like to be picked on by the new bully in town.

Do I care that the bully is now being bullied?  NO.

I find it humorous.

Do I think there should be more pointed assertions of “pot calling the kettle black”?  YES

Now that Trump, who they can’t control with donor money, is in the race they want to discredit him by calling him inappropriate and sexist?  Almost all the conservative candidates are inappropriate and sexist at times while they ones who aren’t directly responsible for the remarks typically stand by and ignore them while reaping the benefits of playing along.  Should Trump be singularly blamed for doing what all the other candidates do?  I think not.  The Republican Party platform is sexist at its core.

 Could we end up with President Trump?

Decision-MakingThe voting public is not shocked by Trump because they are used to this sort of talk.  Like I said before, it has been going on for over a decade.  Sharp-cutting, insulting remarks will not bring down Trump’s candidacy because these remarks are not shocking, but expected.  They are expected because the conservatives have trained their base to hear the remarks as normal political speak.  Conservatives created this monster and now they can’t kill the new messenger

In actuality, Trump’s stances on the issues mirror the stances of most of the other conservative candidates.  Trump just uses more direct talk and hate words, but he is saying the exact same things as the other Republican candidates.  There really is not that much difference in the candidate’s extreme views on the current issues. The public sees that.  And as I said above, they don’t care about the directness.

If the mainstream media thinks it is going to bring down Trump because of his slip-ups and misstatements they are sorely mistaken.  A late poll today shows the Trump is still  in the lead after all the bad publicity over the past few days.  It will take something bigger, like actual reporting, to bring him down.

If they really want to take him down, they need to press him for the details about how  he can accomplish these great ideas of his.  How is he going to build that wall?  How is he going to force Mexico to pay for it? etc..  The details are where Trump is going to screw up.  Trump has no governmental experience to fallback on.  Trump has no detail plans on how to execute his ideas, but then again, neither does most of the candidates running for the Republican nomination.  None of them appear to have a real, solid understanding of what can be done legally, should be done, or even what is doable when running the government.

Most Dems I know aren’t paying attention right now.  They think the entire Trump fiasco is just that, a fiasco.  I on the other hand, see danger in everyone dismissing Trump.

Trump appeals to the non-religious conspiracy theorists, the libertarians, the anti-establishment type who hate the 2 party system, and the people who like to root for the underdog.  Some may disagree with me, but I even think he appeals to the millennials. He can get a lot of the fringe voters.

In any other primary race with only a few candidates, this type of support would be meaningless.  The establishment voters would select a candidate leaving the fringe candidate in the dust., But this race has 17 candidates all of who tend to have a crazy side and or baggage.  The field is too wide and splits up all the establishment voters, so that someone like Trump holds the lead in all the polls.

As the candidates get winnowed down, will Trump picks up any of what I am calling the establishment voters or will he be stuck at the same percentage of fringe voters (~25%)?  Will people jump on his bandwagon or see his inexperience?

Unless the press starts doing their job and asking ALL the candidates detailed questions about their stances on the issues as well as their plans, the public won’t be able to decipher between the candidates.  They are all sort of crazy and on the fringe on some issues. Fox News asked a lot of gotcha questions to the candidates during the debate, but no one answered with any real substance.  As long as that continues, Trump has as good a chance as the rest of them.

I find that scary.  But in the end, it will be good for our side.

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