An Interesting Read: The New American Center

I came across an article on (formerly MSNBC) yesterday and thought I would share it with you.  With all the partisan drama going on in Washington DC, I thought this was an interesting article in regards to national issues.

The New American Center: Why our nation isn’t as divided as we think

It speaks to how America is not divided into two Americas comprised of red states and blue states.  It suggests that there are really eight distinct segments at the center. According to the new Esquire-NBC News survey:

At the center of national sentiment there’s no longer a chasm but a common ground where a diverse and growing majority – 51 percent  – is bound by a surprising set of shared ideas.

“Just because Washington is polarized doesn’t mean America is,” says Robert Blizzard, a partner at Public Opinion Strategies, the lead pollster for Mitt Romney in 2012. His firm co-created the survey with the Benenson Strategy Group, pollsters for President Obama, and the result is a nation in eight distinct segments: two on the far right (“The Righteous Right” and “The Talk Radio Heads”), two on the far left (“The Bleeding Hearts” and “The Gospel Left”), and four in the middle that represent nothing less than a new American center (“Minivan Moderates,” “The MBA Middle,” “The Pick-up Populists, and “The #WhateverMan.”)

This link takes you to an explanation about the 13 Things That Define the New American Center.

This link takes you to the description of each category in the ideological spectrum.

This link takes you to the interactive quiz to see where you fall on the spectrum.

Rather than restating everything in the article I decided to just posts links for you to peruse around their site.  There are lots of embedded links that take you to data pages that analyze the data in depth.  I found the data interesting.  Maybe you will too?  Here is a link to the full data results.  Here is a link to a more graphically friendly page of survey results.

I took the quiz twice, they have a short version and a longer version.  Both times I turned out to be a ‘bleeding heart’ on the far left of the scale. Considering the only other category in the liberal area was for liberals who are regular church goers, it is no surprise that I was in the bleeding heart category.  The quiz places you on the spectrum of what is considered the center, where I correctly placed to the left of center. I still consider myself in the “Middle of the Left” though.  🙂  Although, you may find out in the future, that there are a couple issues where I fall more in the center and one issue that I definitely fall to the right of center.  That is another issue for another time.

I realize that there is a lot of crossover in these categories.  When I read the descriptions in the ideological spectrum before I took the quiz, I thought I placed in one of the center categories instead of the left categories, but the quiz put me at the left. When I went back and looked at in more detail, there were a couple major distinctions in my answers that correctly put me at the left.

Wouldn’t it be fun to have a local version of this where we could ask questions of candidates to find out if they were DINOs?  We could ask them specific questions and then place them on a similar scale.  For example:

  • Pro-public transit (train, connector study, bus)–> Left
  • Pro-alternative energy –> Left
  • Taxes should be used only to finance essential government programs –> Right
  • Government spending is wasteful, send back those federal dollars –> Right

Maybe the DINOs would then realize, that they are actually DINOs.  Have fun taking  the interactive quiz!

quot homines tot sententiae



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