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First off, I would like to thank everyone for all the nice love mail.  I really appreciate it.  You might not always agree with everything I write about, but I am fairly confident that we will agree most of the time.  Keep reading and let me know if there is a topic you would like me to address.

The Dichotomy of a Democrat and a DINO

I had an interaction with a commenter on the MLIVE/Ann Arbor News site underneath the MLIVE article relating to Al McWilliams appointment.  They have removed our interaction (Boo, MLIVE) but I would like to address the issue here.

My comments were very similar to what I wrote in my piece  “ I am SHOCKED that there is profanity on the internet”.  Another commenter then posted, in his typical not very nice way, that these councilmembers were “card carrying members of the Democratic party”, they were not Teapublicans.  Since our exchange was removed, here is my response to that assertion with much more detail added.

Really?  They are true Democrats? Anyone can pay the Michigan Democratic Party a fee, get sent a card, and become a member.  There is no vetting process or oath you have to take. I judge someone by their words and actions.  Their words and actions do not match their party affiliation, that is why they are called DINOs (Democrats in name only).

For example, Sumi Kailasapathy and Jack Eaton both were seen at the Ann Arbor Democratic picinic fundraiser on Labor Day weekend wearing Jane Lumm1 Campaign shirts.  They have also shown up to Democratic meetings wearing her t-shirt and campaigning for her.   (If anyone has pictures please send them along for me to post here)

Now, this is a partisan race where the democrats had a primary (uncontested, no other Democrat filed) and selected a candidate, Kirk Westphal, to run for ward 2 city council.  A “card carrying member of the Democratic party” would respect that and would not actively campaign against the chosen candidate in such a partisan setting.  Although the public is welcome at all party events, the issue is not that a member of the public wore the Lumm campaign shirt.  The issue is that a so-called “card carrying member of the Democratic party” did.  It shows lack of respect and quite frankly loyalty to the party.  Imagine if a Dem wore a Gov. Snyder shirt to a Dem fundraiser for Mark Schauer2?  That would not go over well, would it?

Jane Lumm had every opportunity to run as a Democrat.  She intentionally chose not to because she is not a Democrat.  The electability of a strong Republican in Ann Arbor is very low, so in order for a conservative or Republican to gain support from Ann Arbor residents, one needs to change their label. It appears that she could only stomach calling herself an independent in order to fool you into thinking she is not a Republican .

The definition of an independent, for me, is someone who sides with either side of the aisle depending on the issue.  Can you imagine Lumm EVER siding with a Democratic issue?  I have not seen it so far. Don’t let others fool you into thinking that she is anything but a Republican….and a Federal grant refusing and filibustering Tea Party one at that.  But that’s a topic for another post.

Although, I fully support everyone’s right to vote for any candidate they choose, campaign for that candidate, and give money to support any candidate, to take the opposite side in a partisan election or at partisan fundraisers/events does not show loyalty to your declared party.  Don’t use the word Democrat to get elected when you do not support the principles of the party or its candidates.  That is why they are DINOs.

It will be interesting to see what Sally Peterson3 does in this election.  Who will she publicly endorse or support?  If she endorses Jane Lumm, that D after her name should disappear.


1 Jane Lumm (I), a so-called independent, but a formerly elected Republican and George W. Bush supporter, is one of two current city council members representing ward 2 in Ann Arbor. Kirk Westphal, the democratic candidate, is challenging Jane Lumm for the council seat

2 Mark Schauer, a well-known democrat, has declared his candidacy to challenge Gov. Rick Snyder in 2014

3 Sally Peterson (D) is the other councilmember that represents ward 2 for Ann Arbor City Council.  She will not be up for re-election until 2014.  Each ward elects one of two councilmembers every year.


Irony at its finest. 

Over on the blog Damn Arbor, there was an announcement about my blog (thank you!) and then a discussion in the comments with an inference to personal attacks.

Holding elected officials responsible for their words and actions while at the table or in interviews is NOT personally attacking someone.  It is not inappropriate, in any way, to question their intent or reasoning about an issue.  If they make a statement saying “the world is flat” and I call them out on it, I am NOT personally attacking them.

I realize that the FOX news mentality of allowing misinformation to be spread by not questioning the elected officials assertions is now wide spread throughout the media, even Chuck Todd says so here, (so disappointing).  However, we the public, do not have to put up with it.  I am not randomly making up facts and statements.  I am using their own words and actions to describe the issue.  Every now and then I might throw some sarcasm is there, but it is to prove a point being made in the post. I am not trying to make fun of them for the sake of making fun of them like some other blogs.

You may disagree with my analysis of what I am saying at times, but it is based on facts, actions and statements made by the elected officials.  Sometimes I do include elements based on my perception of what is happening overall.  I consider myself a progressive Dem and believe in good government, so my values do color my perceptions of what is happening at times, but hey… this is my blog. 🙂

If you think that I personally attacked  the Teapublican Caucus4 members when I wrote the piece about Al McWilliams DDA appointment, well you missed the point.  Our elected officials basically “Sandra Fluke’d” Al McWilliams.

Do you remember Sandra Fluke?  She was the young lawyer who was supposed to speak in front of congress about birth control and insurance reform.  Rush Limbugh called her a slut and and many republican congressman made accusations about her sex life.  They refused to let her speak based on their assertions.

Al McWilliams blog is snarky, has profanity, and some strange pictures, but it does NOT live up to how it was characterized during the meeting.  They were all so offended by the content?.…puh-lease.  If he had a picture of a juicy steak on the blog, and you are a vegan, would it be fair to call him an animal abuser and say that he slaughters animals for his own pleasure?

The Teapublican Caucus4 cannot be that out of touch with today’s world.  Simply, they do not want him appointed and will try anything to keep the Mayor’s choice from appointment. They chose to “Sandra Fluke” him and disparage his reputation in order to get their way.  I find it disgraceful.

If you think it is inappropriate (and a personal attack) for me to call out councilmembers on their “Sandra Fluke” like attacks, then THAT is irony at its finest.


4  The Ann Arbor City Council Teapublican Caucus is made up the following councilmemebrs: Mike Anglin, Stephen Kunselman, Sumi Kailasapathy, Jane Lumm, and Sally Peterson.  (Based on his campaign platform and rhetoric, I assume Jack Eaton will be welcomed into this group once he takes office in November.)


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