An Interesting Read: Democrat or Republican? Look at their drink!

Here’s a fun story.  Yesterday on Hardball on MSNBCthere was a story about a study that found that your drink preference may reveal your political affiliation and how often you vote.  The study was performed by the National Media Research, Planning & Placement who then formatted the data into a nifty chart.



Will Rabbe of MSNBC describes the chart in these words:

Using consumer research data, National Media charted over 50 major brands of wine and spirits according to voter registration and turnout history. The graph maps the political spectrum horizontally, from left to right, with blue and red colors denoting Democratic and Republican drink preferences, respectively. The vertical axis corresponds to turnout: selections appearing at the top of the chart are preferred by those who are most likely to vote, the bottom are least likely.

The findings show that Democrats are likely to prefer clearer spirits, like vodka or gin, while Republicans are tend to favor brown liquors, like bourbon or scotch. And while wine-drinkers crossover the partisan divide, they’re ranked as the most likely to vote according to turnout data.

The most “bipartisan” alcohol turns out to be rum, with Captain Morgan’s Spiced Rum and Bacardi highlighted in purple in the middle of the spectrum.


What’s your favorite drink?  Does it align with your political affiliation and how often you vote?

When you are at dinner or having drinks this weekend, take a look around at what others are drinking.  Does their drink choice align with what you might know of their political affiliation or voting habits?

For what it’s worth….I am a wine drinker with an occasional mixed drink that would contain vodka.

Here is the MSNBC video of the story (first minute of the video)

aqua vitae



1 Will Rabbe, “Democrat or Republican? Look at their drink!”.  MSNBC, January 2, 2014


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