An Interesting Read: Can Time Magazine predict your politics? Is it cool to be a liberal?

elephant_donkey.jpegWhen it rains it pours.

Here is another interesting and fun read….with a quiz!!

There is an interesting article in Time Magazine written by Jonathan Haidt1,

“Your Personality Makes Your Politics – Red state, blue state, liberal, conservative—your moral beliefs make all the difference”

Haidt speaks to morals and values being the foundation of our political values today when in the past they weren’t- there was much more diversity in each party back then.  In the article he says,

“Fifty years ago, if you knew whether someone was a Republican or a Democrat, you didn’t necessarily know a lot about that person’s moral values; party affiliation told you even less about someone’s preferences in restaurants or movies. There was so much diversity within each party—plenty of conservative Democrats and liberal Republicans—that stereotyping was harder, and cross-party alliances were much easier.

But since the 1980s, the two parties have become ever more perfectly sorted. The Democratic party is now the liberal party, dominant in places with a population density greater than about 800 people per square mile, and the Republican Party is the conservative party, dominant in lower density areas. Nowadays you can make predictions about people’s values and votes from just a few seemingly unrelated things, such as whether they find novel cuisines appealing or how messy their desks are.”

He goes on to talk about how Liberals endorse compassion while Conservatives endorse compassion along with Karma.

“I run a research site at, where we have surveyed more than 350,000 people about their personality traits and moral values. We find very consistent differences between right and left in a few values that can help us understand today’s deadlock over economic policies. For example, how strongly do you agree or disagree with these two statements:

1) “Compassion is the most important virtue”

2) “The world would be a better place if we let unsuccessful people fail and suffer the consequences.”

The liberals in our sample strongly endorse the compassion statement and strongly reject the failure statement. Conservatives, by contrast, endorse both statements mildly, and equally.

What’s going on here? A useful way to summarize today’s left-right economic divide is that it’s a battle between the law of karma and the principle of compassion.  Conservatives generally want to live in a world governed by karma—the ancient Hindu idea that people reap the fruits of their actions, both good and bad.”

Personally, I have always described strict conservatives as survival of the fittest sort of people rather than Karma…sort of like a Darwinian philosophy.  Irony is that most strict conservatives are  very religious.  Go figure.

Anyway,  here is the link for the quiz.  There are 12 simple questions.  See how your preferences in dogs, Internet browsers, and 10 other items predict your partisan leanings.

Quiz:  Can TIME predict your politics

My results were 80% Liberal and 20% Conservative.

How’d you do?


Also, over on MSNBC there is an article by Abby Borovitz that claims that “It’s cool to be a liberal again”.   Take a look at the article.

The number of Americans who self-identify as “liberal” has hit a high not seen for at least two decades, according to a new poll.

A Gallup poll released Friday found that 23% of Americans describe themselves as liberal. That’s still way fewer than call themselves conservative or moderate—38 and 34% respectively. But it’s the highest level since Gallup began asking in 1992.

“The changes in ideological identification among party groups has (sic) resulted in a rise in the percentage of Americans overall who call themselves liberal and a decrease in the percentage of moderates,” Gallup’s Jeffrey M. Jones wrote. “Even though the percentage of conservatives has generally held steady, the rise in liberal identification leaves conservatives with their smallest advantage over liberals in the last two decades.”

Here is a video from MSNBC about the story…

Up With Steve Kornacki, 1/5/14, 10:28 AM ET

A sign liberalism in the Democratic Party is resurging

Remember to stand proud and call yourself a liberal!!!

 sub tuum praesidium



Jonathan Haidt,“Your Personality Makes Your Politics – Red state, blue state, liberal, conservative—your moral beliefs make all the difference.”  Time Magazine, January 9, 2014.

2   Abby Borovitz, “It’s cool to be a liberal again”.  MSNBC, January, 10, 2014.

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