About Me

I am a local Ann Arborite who enjoys following politics.  I keep up on most things local, statewide and nationally.  I am opinionated, but not stubborn, so a good argument can always sway me.  The problem is most people don’t have good arguments and rely on misinformation and scare tactics to get others on their side.  My hope is to supply a place for people to read the truth about local issues.

I am not a ‘writer’ per se, so  I hope that my points are clear and concise.  I will warn you now that I sometimes use strange metaphors and analogies to describe things.  It is just me.  I like to compare-contrast things for people to understand them better.  However, I am in no way a talented wordsmith.

I have recently pulled signature petitions to run for Ann Arbor City Council in the August 2016 Democratic Primary.  I want to make clear that this is my personal blog and not my campaign blog, (although I do stand by everything that I have written).  There are issues on the state  and federal level that I sometimes like to write about and don’t want anyone to think that I believe those issues have a place in the local council race.

My campaign is not up and running as of yet.  Until I hand in signatures and declare myself an official candidate I will use this blog for posting my opinion on issues that I feel are important whether they are local, statewide, or national issues.  In January or February my campaign website will be up and I will start posting my stances on local issues there.  However, MOTL will exist as my personal blog during the campaign and afterwards…win or lose.





August 2016 primary