About this blog

This blog will concentrate on political topics for our local Ann Arbor area and for state and federal issues.  The main purpose of the blog is for people to have a place to go to read the truth. It will correct any misinformation that is purposely propagated by others so that readers can know the full story.  I will supply references whenever possible to back up specific points that I make in my posts.

There will be no comments allowed on the blog posts.  I find that the comments take away from the main point of the article and do not add anything to the discussion (most of the time).  Maybe I will change that in the future, but for now the comments will be closed.

Currently, there is a lot of ridiculousness that is being passed off as policy making at our city council meetings. For those of us that pay attention to these things, it is incomprehensible how this happens week after week.  This blog hopefully will show the elected officials exactly how their ideas appear to the public.