A cowboy, a curmudgeon, a biker and a normal guy

Ann Arbor wins a lot of awards and titles, but I am glad that we are not known for having THE craziest political debates.  Idaho has earned that honor.  OMG…you can’t make this stuff up.

DebateHave you heard about the Idaho GOP Governor’s primary debate that was televised on May 14, 2014?  It sounds like a Saturday Night Live skit.  Some of it is pure crazy talk.

Here is the cast:
(labeling of candidates is courtesy of the biker candidate..as said in the debate)

Gov. Butch Otter (GOP incumbent) as the cowboy
State Sen. Russ Fulcher (Teaparty challenger) as the normal guy
Harley Brown as the biker
Walt Bayes as the curmudgeon

The crazy statements made in this debate are funny, but soooooo scary.  Scary because with all the voter apathy that runs rampant these days, one of these ‘eccentric’ individuals could find their way into office one day.  Our local DINOs (Democrat in name only) and Teapublicans have said some crazy things over the years, but nothing to this extreme (yet).  But it scares me that one day they might!

Writing out the quotes won’t do them justice.  You must hear them straight form the mouths of the biker and the curmudgeon.

(If you are short on time, at least watch the first video.  It is only a couple minutes)

Watch this video for some outtakes of the debate.  (~2:18)

and here is another compilation: (~2:28)

If you have more time:

Here is the full length video of the debate (~1hr)

The internet is overflowing with commentary about this, so I won’t list any specific links here.  Google to your heart’s desire to see all the press.

Let’s hope Ann Arbor never wins the title ‘THE Craziest Political Debate” in our upcoming primary season…but ya never know.  After all, we do have local Teapublicans who are shocked that there is profanity on the internet….remember?

Crazy is as crazy does.

ipsissima verba



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