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Is the Earth Flat?

There is always opposition to everything.  No matter the issue there will be someone who is against it. There will always be people who are “anti” no matter what the issue.  They are the devil’s advocate type of people.  The … Continue reading

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Compromise or Blackmail?

When negotiating, what is the difference between compromise and blackmail?  What is the difference between self-righteousness and righteousness?  How do these things effect the outcome of the negotiations, for the better or for the worse?  Councilmember Jack Eaton has taken … Continue reading

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An Interesting Read: Is Liberalism Good for Your Health?

Since I have been too busy lately to write an in depth article about local political issues, I am once again posting another interesting article about a new ” political epidemiology” study. Chris Mooney wrote an article on Mother Jones1 … Continue reading

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