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Burning Down the House

Over the past couple of days, there has been a couple articles1,2 in the Ann Arbor news about a downtown property owner refusing to allow the Fire Marshall to inspect his downtown properties.  You may have seen some of my comments … Continue reading

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Let the Public Art Administrator Eat Cake!

At the February 3, 2014 city council meeting, the Teapublicans1 on council actually outdid themselves.  They fired the city public art administrator with a callous disregard for his livelihood and well being. This was no accident and was quite purposeful. They … Continue reading

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Weird Political News

I have not had a passion to write about any pending issue lately.  It has been quite slow politically since the holidays.  Yes, I am still out here.  I just don’t really have a topic to discuss in depth right … Continue reading

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